Joe Giglio

Chief Remote Officer, Carolina Yankee



Software Engineering Director / VP / Chief Remote Officer

Development, QE and Support | Remote Management | Customer Champion | Change Management

Accomplished software professional with over two decades of experience managing Engineering teams in startup and enterprise environments.  360 degree view of the Engineering process across multiple disciplines including development, testing, support and maintenance.  Established subject matter expert in remote team management, onboarding, change management, integrations and acquisitions.  Champion for “whole company support”, enabling teams to increase customer empathy through a deep understanding of their products, domain and customers.

Author of the book, “Making Remote Work, Work For You“.


Remote Team Management | Whole Company Support | Building Multi-Dimensional Teams | Quality Engineering | CRM | Help Desk Software | Customer Engagement Management | Agile | Customer Liaison | Servant Leadership | Automated Testing | Manual Testing | Usability | Mentoring & Training | Continuous Integration & Deployment | Onboarding | Change Management | Integrations | Acquisitions | Customer Empathy


First employee of Assistly which was acquired by Salesforce and rebranded to  

Software Engineering Director | 2016 – 2019 

Built, managed and mentored geographically dispersed team of 12 engineers and 1 manager through product end of life.  Balanced maintenance while transitioning team to Salesforce. Led cross-functional, remote teams.

  • Requested by leadership to direct Long Island office in an executive role.  Successfully managed the office achieving corporate goals.  Demonstrated ability to proactively lead team through times of significant changes.
  • Managed remote team in an environment that was not initially remote friendly, teaching the organization how to embrace remote teams and reap the benefits. 
  • Recognized as product subject matter expert as the first employee of  Proactively created week-long product training, helping team members launch their careers.
  • Partnered with Development Managers and Product Managers to plan product deliverables in an ADM Agile development environment.  Acted as scrum master while helping teams coordinate and resolve dependencies.
  • Successfully managed maintenance team through periods of uncertainty.  Assessed team strengths; determined core team members.  Worked with other managers to help team members transition to new roles within Salesforce.

Director of QE & Support | 2011 – 2016,  Manager of QE & Support | 2010 – 2011

Built, managed and mentored geographically dispersed team of 13 engineers and 1 manager through major acquisition.  Directed the testing and support efforts for the platform. Championed continuous integration and continuous deployment.

  • Played an integral role in shaping products by partnering with CTO, CEO, Product Managers, designers, system engineers, DevOps, and developers.  
  • Advocated for “All-Hands Support” to ensure team-wide understanding of product and customer use cases/pain points.  Promoted no-walls approach between Developers, QE and Technical Support to achieve efficient operations and increase customer empathy.
  • Acted as liaison between customers and Development to verify field issues are understood and addressed.  Assessed defect criticality and determined workarounds for issues.  Maintained documentation; ensured testing complete.

Reporting and tracking of software defects; seeing them through to completion.

nGenera Corporation (Formerly Talisma, eShare, Divine, now Moxie)

nGenera acquired Talisma after 2 previous acquisitions.  nGenera offered a Customer Engagement Management platform.

Manager of Software Testing, Release Manager, Business Support Group Manager | 2000-2008

Built, managed and mentored testing team of 12 local testers, 2 remote testers in Atlanta and 6 in India, including 1 manager. Reviewed and approved all new releases.  Created/maintained test schedule and test plans, reports, release notes, product training.

  • Promoted to management role after starting as Tech Support/QA engineer due to becoming a recognized product subject matter expert with the ability to take on any role as needed to improve product quality and services.
  • Achieved “Employee of the Year” Award for exceeding corporate goals and expectations; stepping into any role quickly and effectively as needed.  Demonstrated combination of both business acumen as well as technical expertise.
  • Launched initiative to consolidate 75 physical machines into 6 virtual servers resulting in improving system management, temperature control, and rack space. Server room had limited space and cooling; virtual machines resolved issue.
  • Created/implemented tools for defect tracking/workflows and load testing.  

QA Engineer | 1997 – 2000

Dual role with Technical Support Engineer.  Created and executed test cases, manual black box feature testing, verification & validation testing, and automated load testing.  Reporting and tracking of software defects; seeing them through to completion.

  • Achieved “Employee of the Year” Award for corporate contributions as well as recognition as product SME.

Technical Support Engineer | 1997 – 2000

Dual role with QA Engineer.  Supported users of a Customer Engagement Management platform.  Maintained internal and public-facing FAQ and knowledge bases. Clientele ranged from end-users to Fortune 500 system admins.


SaaS | Python | Ruby | Java | Cucumber | Watir-Webdriver| Selenium | PageObjects | Flask | Django | Pycharm
jUnit | Ruby on Rails | PHP | Classic ASP | | CSS | SQL | HTML | Javascript | Jenkins| JIRA | Confluence | Bitbucket | Git | Github | Gitlab | Salesforce Administration | Visualforce | Eclipse | Rubymine | Cloud9 | Visual Studio | Postman WordPress | | Vue.js


Saint Joseph’s College, Patchogue, NY

Human Relations Major