Joe Giglio

Chief Remote Officer, Carolina Yankee



Joe Giglio

Raleigh, NC

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Highlights: Seasoned enterprise software professional with over two decades of experience in Software engineering management; distributed team management; CRM, customer support, call center and help desk software; software QE management; technical support management; servant leadership; software testing; automated testing; usability; mentoring and training; continuous integration; continuous deployment; Agile development.

I have built and managed teams for Support, Quality Engineering and Development.  I believe these should be treated as complementary roles and Support should be viewed as respected customer advocates instead of a “cost center.”  I have long been a champion for “Whole Company Support”. Through this practice, you build multi-dimensional teams with deep product knowledge and customer empathy.  We do our best work when we understand and support our customer’s needs as a united team.

I have worked alongside founders, executives and Product Managers to help create, shape, test, build and support help desk, call center and CRM software.     

I have a sound knowledge of the stages and challenges of the software development cycle including the gathering of product requirements, development, testing, documentation, deployment, training, implementation, support, and maintenance.  Experience in Waterfall, Scrum and Kanban environments. 

Management Style: Servant leader.  Ability to communicate at all levels with empathy, honesty and a sense of humor.   I have managed teams through very challenging times of low morale and was able to keep the team together, motivated, engaged and productive.  

Technologies: Python, Ruby, Java, Cucumber, Watir-Webdriver, Selenium, PageObjects, Flask, Pycharm, Ruby on Rails, jUnit, PHP, Classic ASP,, CSS, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Salesforce administration, Apex, Visualforce, Eclipse, Rubymine, Cloud9, Visual Studio, Postman, Vue.js 

Hobbies: Real estate, playing the drums, investing, traveling, barbecue.

Work Experience:   


MAR 2010 – SEP 2019

First employee of Assistly which was acquired by and rebranded as

Software Engineering Director

  • Managed, mentored and trained a geographically dispersed team of 12 engineers and 1 manager
  • Managed Salesforce’s Long Island office
  • Balanced maintenance while transitioning my team members to other teams within Salesforce
  • Worked with Development Managers and Product Managers to plan product deliverables in an ADM Agile development environment
  • Acted as Scrum Master while helping teams coordinate, remove impediments, resolve dependencies and meet their delivery goals

Director of QA and Support

  • Directed the testing and support efforts for the platform.  My team was responsible for providing timely, responsive, personalized support, testing the product and translating customer issues for Developers.  
  • Managed, mentored and trained a geographically dispersed team of 13 engineers and 1 manager
  • Played an integral role in helping shape the products by working closely with the CTO, CEO, Product Managers, Designers, System Engineers, DevOps and Developers
  • Champion for continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Created and presented product training for sales, support, DevOps, executive and marketing teams
  • Advocated for All Hands Support to help all team members gain a better understanding of our product and our customer’s use cases and expectations
  • Assessment of defect criticality and finding workarounds for field issues
  • Acted as liaison between customers and Development to ensure field issues are understood and addressed 
  • Maintained end user documentation and knowledge base articles
  • Manual black box feature testing
  • Verification and validation testing
  • Usability testing
  • Automated testing
  • API testing
  • Reporting and tracking of software defects and seeing them through to completion
  • Interview job candidates and hiring

NGENERA (formerly TALISMA, formerly ESHARE, formerly DIVINE, etc.)

MAR 1997 – DEC 2008 

  • Manager of Software Testing, Release Manager, Business Support Group Manager –

The product offering was a suite of Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software. This software enabled enterprises and call centers to communicate with their customers through various channels, such as chat, co-browse, email, knowledge base, telephony (CTI), and VOIP.   The product continues to live on as Moxie.  

  • Managed a testing team of 12 local testers, 2 remote testers in Atlanta and 5 remote testers in India
  • Mentoring, training and supervising of the testing team
  • Created and maintained test schedule 
  • Creation and review of test plans, test cases and test summary reports
  • Developed, modified and maintained the defect database 
  • As “Release Manager”, all new releases passed through me before becoming available to customers.  Related duties included final build testing, creation of release notes, archiving of the final build, uploading the build to the appropriate FTP site, and communicating the availability status to stakeholders. 
  • Responsible for managing the IT and development labs
  • Launched an initiative to make use of virtual servers and consolidated more than 75 physical machines into 6 VMWare servers. This had obvious benefits for system management, temperature control, and rack space.
  • Conducted product training and demo classes for the executive, sales, support and marketing teams
  • Interview job candidates and make hiring recommendations

QA Engineer –

  • Creating and executing test cases
  • Manual black box feature testing
  • Verification and validation testing
  • Automated load testing
  • Reporting and tracking of software defects, seeing them through to completion
  • Reviewed product specifications and end user documentation for accuracy and presentation

Technical Support Engineer

  • Supported users of a suite of online community building products (chat, message boards, etc.)
  • Methods of contact included telephone, email, chat sessions, message boards
  • Maintained internal and public facing FAQ and Knowledge Bases
  • Clientele ranged from end-users to system administrators of Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Conducted product training and demo classes for the executive, sales, support and marketing teams
  • Occasionally traveled to customer’s sites for advanced on-site troubleshooting, and relationship building

Awards and Honors

1997, 2000 Employee of the Year


SEP 1996 – MAR 1997 

Technical Support Engineer –

  • Assisted customers with installing, configuring, and successfully implementing their Internet clients
  • Typical duties included Windows and Macintosh PPP connection troubleshooting, e-mail configuration, adding and removing customers from the user database, HTML assistance, and customer relations.  Support was given via telephone, e-mail, and in person.




    Patchogue, NY

    Major: Human Relations