Joe Giglio

Chief Remote Officer, Carolina Yankee


Remote First, Quality Driven, Customer Champion

Teams do their best, and most valuable, work when they have a deep understanding of their products, domain and customers.  

I have worked as the first employee of a tech startup, a Director at a very successful; slow moving enterprise and almost everything in between.  This website will serve to outline the principles, philosophies and lessons that have helped shape my career. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities where my experience can help companies grow and be more successful.   

In my two+ decades in the software industry, I have worked alongside Founders, Executives and Product Managers to help create, test, build and support help desk, call center and CRM software.  I have built and managed Development, Quality Engineering and Support teams. I believe these teams should be treated as complementary with Support being recognized as respected customer advocates instead of as a “cost center.”   

My experience managing these different teams gives me a unique, 360 degree view of the software development process.  I have sound, real-world knowledge of the stages and challenges of the software development cycle including the gathering of product requirements, development, testing, documentation, deployment, training, implementation, support, and maintenance.  Releasing quality software is not an accident or luxury.   It requires discipline, coordination, executive sponsorship and an understanding of your customer’s risk tolerance.   

I am a seasoned and empathetic servant leader who excels at mentoring people to success.  I have helped people launch their careers by developing onboarding training classes for diverse roles such as Sales, Engineering, Support, Marketing and Executives.

I have long been a champion for “Whole Company Support” and pioneered it at Through this practice, you build multi-dimensional teams with deep product expertise, industry knowledge and customer empathy.  We should proudly eat our own dog food (or drink our own champagne.)   

I have managed geographically dispersed teams, understand the challenges and benefits and know how to make it successful.  Most recently, I managed Engineering teams at Salesforce and was instrumental in helping them find success with a remote-friendly team model.  The future of work is remote.